Sanctuary Pools


More about this Pool Style:

  • The Vision is our pool that is perfect for small, tight yards or for homeowners who want to take a dip and didn’t need a large pool. It was some great visionary work coming up with this perfectly sized pool.
  • The Vision comes in 4 lengths, all of which are overall 10’ wide:
    • 16’ holds 4,029 gallons
    • 20’ holds 5,233 gallons
    • 23’ holds 6,167 gallons
    • 26’ holds 7,043 gallons
  • The Vision is a flat bottom pool that is about 4’ 6” deep.
  • With a rectangle shape, the Vision is perfect for an auto cover.  
  • We recommend pairing the Vision with a heater/chiller to extend use time in the spring and fall and, alternatively, to keep your water refreshing during the dog days of summer.  
  • The Vision has entry steps down the left side that, paired with a handrail, make entry and exit easy and comfortable.
  • The Vision also has a bench seat across one short end for relaxing after a nice therapeutic swim. 
  • A 3” safety ledge 15” below the water surface helps less experienced swimmers pull themselves above the water so they will feel confident, safe, and relaxed.


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