Sanctuary Pools


More about this Pool Style:

  • The second most popular model, the Inspiration, was surely inspired by some of the prettiest lakes in the world, like Lake Tahoe. Haha! We don’t know what inspired the Inspiration, but we are glad it did! With its gentle curves and long swim lane, our clients love it!
  • The Inspiration comes in FIVE sizes!
    • 23’ model is 13’ wide, overall and holds 5,500 gallons 
    • 26’ model is 13’ wide, overall and holds 6,932 gallons 
    • 30’ model is 15’6” wide, overall and holds 9,449 gallons
    • 35’ model is 15’6” wide, overall and holds 12,660 gallons 
    • 40’ model is 15’6” wide, overall and holds 14,722 gallons
  • The super-popular tan ledge on this pool is generous:
    • The 23’ and 26’ models, is 13’10” x 6’6”
    • The 30’ is 17’ x 8’
    • The 35’ and 40,’ is 17’6” x 8’
  • The tan ledge is 14 – 16” inches deep on all models.
  • Our FAVORITE addition to this pool is the round dream spa. Wrapped with stone and raised, so water spills gently into the pool. It is relaxing and beautiful. We highly recommend this combo!
  • The Inspiration has a deep-end bench seat that consistently gets used.
  • Other amenities we enjoy pairing with this pool is a heater for extended swim time and a salt chlorinator for a cheaper, more buoyant pool experience.  
  • The Inspiration is lovely in Beach Sand (hello Destin!) with flagstone pavers. Let Sanctuary Pools help you design a relaxing, beautiful sanctuary in your backyard.
  • A 3” safety ledge 15” below the water surface helps less experienced swimmers pull themselves above the water so they will feel confident, safe, and relaxed.

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