Sanctuary Pools


More about this Pool Style:

  • The Illusion is voted our most popular pool by clients and Tony. The Illusion is graceful with its tan ledge and wrap-around bench seating. A gentle entry into and out of the pool is very comfortable to use. No illusions of grandeur here! This pool is everything you could want in a pool and more. Great for relaxing, entertaining, exercising, and playing. Great for all ages. Beautiful.  
  • The Illusion comes in three overall lengths and is 15’6” wide overall:
      • 30’ for 10,805 gallons
      • 35’ for 13,901 gallons
      • 40’ for 17,890 gallons
  • The Illusion is 7’ deep at the deepest point.
  • The tanning ledge 8’7” (not including the bench seating) x 12’ 5” wide. The tanning ledge water is about 14” deep.  
  • The Illusion pairs well with so many amenities. Some of our favorites are auto cover, deck jets, a swim jet, and ledge loungers with table. 
  • The Illusion has two bench seats on the pool’s deep end so parents can hang out while the kiddos are learning to swim (plus the water is cooler there!).
  • A 3” safety ledge 15” below the water surface helps less experienced swimmers pull themselves above the water so they will feel confident, safe, and relaxed.

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