Sanctuary Pools

Freedom with Splash Pad

More about this Pool Style:

  • This Freedom, with a host of size options, includes a splash pad! Furry family members, babies, and of all ages love the shallow splash pad! The Freedom with a splash pad, with its flat bottom, gives you the freedom to chose the very best pool for your family – furry or otherwise!
  • The Freedom with splash pad comes in 3 sizes: 
    • 23’: 31’1” overall length x 13’1” overall width – 8,342 gallons
    • 26’: 34’4” overall length x 13’1” overall width – 9,663 gallons
    • 30’: 38’1” overall length x 13’1” overall width – 11,262 gallons
  • The flat bottom depth of the Freedom is 5’ – the water level will be approximately 4 to 6” lower due to the skimmer.
  • The splash pad is approximately 8’1” x 12’, and the water depth is 5 – 7”. This is perfect for bubblers!! One, two, or three! Did you know you can get LED bubblers that light up?! So much fun at night!  
  • The Freedom has two sets of steps for easy getting into and out of the pool.  
  • The Freedom has a bench seat between the two sets of steps. Perfect perch for watching a water volleyball game!  
  • Be sure to ask about anchors to hold your volleyball net, a basketball goal, a handrail to help steady you getting in and out of the pool, and an auto-cover. All of these amenities are client favorites.
  • A 3” safety ledge 15” below the water surface helps less experienced swimmers pull themselves above the water so they will feel confident, safe, and relaxed.

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