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With the realization that travel, vacations, and community pools may not happen at all in 2020, people are anxious to turn their backyard into the center of their home. Gunite and fiberglass inground pools are a given – but we are also getting a lot of interest in spas. So what exactly is a spa?!

A spa is a lot like the hot tubs that were popular for many years, but more integrated with the pool experience for a more customized look and feel. Warm water, jets, and pure relaxation! Spas are relaxing, rejuvenating, and downright therapeutic.


  • There are three choices for a stand-alone fiberglass spa: two square options ranging from 6’10” square to 7″ square and One 8′ round. You can view them here.  
  • Stand-alone spa’s in gunite can be any conceivable shape. Just keep in mind, the more complicated the shape, the more costly.
  • With fiberglass and gunite, a spa can be set all the way in the ground and be a self-contained unit that operates independently of the pool. In other words, you could keep it up and running all year round.
  • Another option, with fiberglass and gunite, is to position the spa about 12-24″ higher than the pool and make it so that it spills over into the pool. This option is generally only up and running while the pool is open. It is possible to isolate the plumbing and continue to operate and use it when the pool is closed. However, there is a risk that the plumbing could freeze in the event of a power outage, causing costly repair. You must also lower the water level in the spa to ensure water doesn’t exit the spillover feature. You don’t want to let the water run out onto the cover of your pool, especially if you have an automatic cover. 


  • Two pool bodies come with a spa incorporated into the shell: The Brilliant and The Exquisite. Both of them are very popular with our clients!
  • Spa’s incorporated into the shell can only be used when the pool is open.


  •  Gunite is more costly than fiberglass, by about 35%.
  •  Having natural gas to heat your spa is more efficient and quicker to heat than a heat pump. You can opt to install an LP tank when natural gas wasn’t available. We can handle installing a buried LP tank for you. A 325 gallon, buried LP tank will cost in the neighborhood of $3,000 to install.  
  • Isolating the spa from the pool so that it can be enjoyed year-round, while not recommended due to the risk of electric failure and freezing, is possible. Isolation adds approximately $4,500 to the overall costs for extra plumbing labor and materials.

Turning your backyard into the center of your home means different things to different people. For many, it means creating a place where you can really relax and destress. A spa certainly creates an escape and personal retreat, right in the comfort of your backyard! 


If you live in and around Louisville, Ky or Prospect, KY and you want to incorporate a spa along with your in-ground swimming pool, fiberglass or gunite, contact me. I would be delighted to speak with you and evaluate your backyard. The best way to contact me is by clicking the bright yellow “Contact Us” button on my website.

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