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I am often asked about the timeline for a fiberglass pool install. Here I’m are breaking down each phase so you can plan for your new pool!

Your first conversation with us will be a fact-finding mission where we will be gathering info from you such as:

  • Your Location
  • Your budget
  • Your pool shell and equipment selections
  • Design ideas/requests
  • Do you have a level or sloping lot?


At this point, our team will pull together a preliminary bid for you based on the information provided, and email it to you within 5 business days. You will review the written bid, and at that point, if you are ready, the next step is to schedule a site visit with Tony.  


Tony’s schedule stays very packed, so it can take up to 2 weeks, particularly during the busy season, for him to be available to you. When Tony comes, he will 

  • bring his transit and shoot the grade of your site
  • Figure out the best place for your pool equipment to go based on the location of your utilities
  • Check out the accessibility to your backyard for getting the pool shell and equipment back there
  • Make suggestions on actual pool location
  • Make a plan for handling rainwater on your lot


After Tony has visited your site, he will make any necessary adjustments to your bid for site considerations. These include things like retaining walls, increased crane size, and drain systems.  

Once you approve the final bid, a contract can be drawn up and emailed to you the same day. If you prefer to meet and review the contact in person, we can do that within a day or two. The pool shell and equipment are placed on order as soon as we receive the signed contract and the deposit.  


**UPDATE:  2021 is seeing lead times for pool shells push to 10-25 weeks based on the type of pool you select!  Hopefully as things normalize post COVID, this will get back to our normal 5 week lead time.**

The pool shell is typically a 5 week lead time depending on availability for the color and style of shell you choose. Some are already made and waiting to go out. Others have to be made.  

**If your site requires poured retaining walls, we will pour the footers and the wall before the pool shell delivery.***

Putting your pool in the ground is based on weather predictions. Still, we try very hard to have the hole dug the day the pool is delivered, so when we take your shell off of the truck, it goes directly in the ground. The only way we move a pool is with the adequately sized crane, so when it is onsite to take the shell off of the truck, it is most efficient to have it lifted straight into the hole. With some installations, if heavy rain is called for, we have to set the shell off into your yard and come back a few days later to dig the hole and move the shell over into it.


Once the pool is set in the ground, we immediately plumb in the main drains and start backfilling it with clean gravel and adding water. Our goal is to bring the water level on the inside of the pool up even with the gravel on the outside of the pool. Once we near the top of your pool, we stop backfilling and plumb in your returns and any accessories you may have, such as bubblers, slides, water jets, or lights. We let that rest for a couple of days to test the plumbing system. Once we know the plumbing is correct, we finish backfilling. The next step is to properly bond everything to prevent electric shock. This entire step takes about 2 weeks for the gravel to settle.  


With your pool in-ground and backfilled to the top and compacted, hardscape begins. Pouring concrete, installing pavers, stone for retaining walls all fall into this category. The time frame for this step can vary based on the size and complexity of your plan, but we’ve seen it take as little as one week – up to 12 weeks for a large, elaborate plan. 


The last step will be to finalize your accessories (setting the slide, for example), install the landscape, and install fencing. Finalization, like hardscape, is driven by the complexity of your project.  

I hope the timeline for your pool install helps you get on track planning your new backyard pool.  Your family will enjoy this investment for years to come and pools are regularly showing up on the wish list of homebuyers, which means that pools are adding value to your property.

If you live in and around Louisville, Ky or Prospect, KY and you want an in-ground swimming pool, fiberglass or gunite, contact me. We would be delighted to speak with you and evaluate your backyard. The best way to contact us is by clicking the bright yellow “Contact Us” button on my website.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading!

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