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When working on our branding for Sanctuary Pools, the guru came back to us with the words, “Louisville’s Expert Pool Builders.” I’ll be honest, at first, I was a little uncomfortable with the phrase; after all, I’ve never been one to brag or make audacious claims. I prefer to quietly and capably do my job. However, after twenty-plus years of building homes and over two years of building pools, I can now see what my branding guru saw.

I’m sitting here reflecting on the pool-building jobs and the expertise required. And here is what stands out to me:

Septic System Replacement 

On one project, when we first walked their backyard, it quickly became apparent that their septic system, multiple leans, and the pool needed to go in their existing lateral field. After discussing options for a new septic system with the homeowners, they quickly realized I wasn’t “just a pool guy.” Instead, they trusted me to install a new septic system that would maximize the useable space of their backyard, not just for a pool but also for an area for the children to practice soccer.

Retaining Wall 

At another project, I found homeowners with a gorgeous backyard that gently sloped into the Ohio River. And while it was calm the day I was there, the homeowners said it often came very close to their back door. However, they realized if they could raise the pool about 10 feet, flooding from the river would be an infrequent occurrence. This made sense to me, so when I bid their new pool, I included a series of retaining walls to elevate the entire pool deck up, out of the flood plain.

I’ve built long, low retaining walls on more than one job that served the purpose of holding lawn that sloped up, away from the pool deck, to create sitting areas by the pools. These particular retaining walls had stairs incorporated in them so the homeowners could still access and use the upper portion of their backyard.

Reframing Deck

Then, there was the project where the pool area I created for the family was so beautiful, they realized the posts holding up their deck were detracting from the overall beauty of the space. So, I had a steel beam specified, manufactured, and installed so that the underside of the deck could be supported with fewer posts, really opening up the area and allowing the pool to be the center of attention.

So, I’m still out here, quietly, capably doing my job, installing some of the most gorgeous pools. And, I’m doing it with a level of professionalism that Louisville has rarely seen. My incomparable skill set includes design, building expertise, and problem-solving capabilities, hence “Louisville’s Expert Pool Builders.”


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