Sanctuary Pools: The Complete Pool Building Experience

Why pools, Tony?

May 16, 2019

I wanted to start building pools because I see a need to take the unused or underutilized portion of your backyard and turn it into the center of your home. I want you to realize and experience how enjoyable and relaxing a pool on your property can be. When we bought our current home, it came with a swimming pool.  The pool became the place to relax and unwind after long days. In short, the pool became the heart of our home in the summer. It is a place for friends and family to gather.


We were excited about a pool in our backyard but had questions.  Like how much would the chemical and cleaning maintenance cost? How long would they take? We had heard all the horror stories about pool maintenance and costs.  That first summer I was very pleasantly surprised at the cost and time it has taken to maintain.  Our current swimming pool is an in-ground vinyl liner, which I plan to upgrade to a fiberglass pool as soon as it needs major maintenance.  I’ve been through a few very thorough trainings on fiberglass pools and have learned that the time to maintain and cost of chemicals is even lower with a fiberglass pool and particularly if you go with a salt pool.  The clients I’ve installed fiberglass pools for thus far are telling me the time to clean and chemicals are very low.


Creating Sanctuary Pools is a really nice fit to our work over at Sanctuary Homes.  We are still creating a Sanctuaries by way of new homes or remodels. Adding a fiberglass swimming pool, a pool house, great landscape to the underutilized portion of your property to create an outdoor living space that will be the heart of your home for the hot, Kentucky summer months just makes sense.



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