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Your yard during a pool install does NOT get messed up. More like your yard is going to be destroyed. It is hard to watch, but it is Tony’s goal to leave your yard better than he found it.  

When a 50’ long by 20’ wide by 7’ deep hole is dug, a lot of earth is displaced. (Over 400 tons of earth!) If your yard is small, we may have a dump truck on hand that we fill as the dirt comes out of the hole and haul off to another site to keep enough space to work in your yard. 


Once the pool has been set, the backfilling is done with 100% clean gravel, so the dirt is not needed. If you have a larger piece of property, the dirt can be pushed out in an uneven area to save you the cost of hauling the dirt to another location.

You may notice that when we dig a pool, the excavator will carefully skim the top layer of soil and place it in a separate pile off by itself. That’s your topsoil. It is the best soil and is saved back until the very end when we use it to fill in around the edge of your concrete. That’s the best for future landscaping you want to put out – you will thank us for taking this precaution when your landscaping thrives!


If you have a lot of trees on the way to the pool area, we try really hard to protect them from the equipment compacting the soil over their roots. Tony has a stock of plywood he used to make a road into your site that helps mitigate the damage to the tree roots. The downside is that the grass dies under the plywood, so we have to either sow the area in grass seed or lay sod on the area when the pool is finished.

If you have trees that need to be removed for your new pool, we have a list of qualified, insured tree removal professionals who can help you with this part of the project.  


The equipment we will use on your pool project are:  

  • excavator to dig the hole 
  • rock hammer to break up rock should we find it while we are digging
  • dump trucks to haul away earth and bring in gravel
  • a crane if you are getting a fiberglass pool
  • concrete trucks
  • skid steer to backfill and smooth, contour and grade your yard for correct drainage

If this equipment won’t fit, or cannot be driven to your backyard, we have to find ways to work around that.  

For example, if the crane can’t drive to your back yard with the pool, we may have to get a crane that’s large enough to lift the pool over the top of your home. A skid steer is the smallest, most nimble machine we use, so if the dump trucks can’t make it into your backyard, they will dump the gravel (usually in your front driveway) for us to carry to the backyard one scoop at a time with the skid steer. This increases the time it takes to install your pool and the degree of difficulty. Our skid steer has rubber tracks on it versus metal tracks, so it won’t mar your drive by running over it.  


If you have a water sprinkler system in your yard, you will want to contact the company that services it for you and have it capped before we begin digging for your new pool. If we hit uncapped lines and have to repair them, it can really throw the timing of your pool installation off and cost you some unexpected charges.


If you have a septic system, you’ll need to show us where the service line, the tank, and your lateral field are. Not sure? Call Environmental Services in your county. They often have a drawing on file that can help us determine where those things are. 

We can install a new septic system if the existing system is in the way of your new pool. Those 20 years of homebuilding skills Tony has come in very handy!!


Turning your backyard into the center of your home with a gunite or fiberglass pool is super rewarding in terms of family time spent together, relaxing, and even getting more fit. However, if you are a person who takes great pride in perfect grass, this is going to be a hard project for you to stomach. We just ask for you to keep the end goal in mind and bear with us during the whole “destroying part.” Your new pool will be worth it!

If you live in and around Louisville, Ky or Prospect, KY and you want an in-ground swimming pool, fiberglass or gunite, contact me. We would be delighted to speak with you and evaluate your backyard. The best way to contact us is by clicking the bright yellow “Contact Us” button on my website.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading!

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