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There are 6 things you should include in your pool contract when you install a new fiberglass pool in your backyard to help you get the best pool.  Taking the time to familiarize yourself with these 6 components by researching and reading online reviews will help you in your quest for backyard relaxation and entertainment.

This blog post is about 6 things to include in your pool contract.


Just like cars and diamonds, fiberglass pool shells come in many grades. Read up and understand the layers of a fiberglass pool from vinyl water to a gel coat. Not all pools are made the same; their online reviews may reflect this.  Understand the warranty. You are spending a lot of money, a little research is so worth the effort. At Sanctuary Pools, we install Imagine Pools shells. Here is their warranty.  


Require the pool installer to put in writing that they will use the proper size crane and spreader bar to install your pool shell. A sky track should never be the answer. If your installer assures you a sky track is okay, put a call into the manufacturer of the shell and see what they say.


Backfill material should always be clean gravel (11’s and 8’s are gravel sizes we use locally). Earth backfill is never okay. Again, if your pool installer assures you, it will be okay, call the manufacturer and confirm with them.


Have your pool installer give you a detailed drawing of his drainage plan. The diameter of the pipe and the type of pipe material shown. If you can’t be there to see that what was actually installed, ask the installer to provide you with photos.  Ask that the photos include something of your house or yard so you will know the photos were taken of your job site.   


The brand and model number of all the equipment. Pump, filter, heater, cleaner with guarantees each piece is sized correctly to your pool gallons and amenities (bubblers, water spouts, slides). These amenities can call for an increased pump size to run them the way they are designed to operate.


Get in writing how your yard will be left when the pool install is finished. You need to understand what you’ll be left with, so you won’t be surprised or frustrated.

As you probably guessed, the above items and many more are carefully specified, along with pricing, in bids given by Sanctuary Pools. Our bid presentation is 9-10 pages long, detailing precisely what is included in your price.  For the amount of money you are spending, you should expect no less.

This blog post is all about 6 things to include in your pool contract.

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