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Here is a list of 20 questions to ask your pool builder when you are interviewing. It might feel awkward to you, but I challenge you to remember the amount of money you are getting ready to commit to spending. Close your eyes, think about that number and write it on a piece of paper in front of you. It’s a lot. This is mostly a buyer beware society, you HAVE to do your due diligence when spending this vast amount of money. So, apologize to the builder you are speaking to if it makes you feel better, but use this list of questions to ask your pool builder. A reputable builder who has nothing to hide should encourage you to ask away!


1.How long have you been in the business? 

Tony Tingle has been building new homes and remodeling for 20 years. He has also been building and remodeling pools for over 2 years. 

2. What is your educational and experience background?

Tony has a wealth of experience in the building industry. Recognized by colleagues and local building inspectors as a problem solver and the guy who “does it right.”

3. Do you have a professional landscaper designer(s) to help with space planning? 

Yes, while Tony does a lot of design work himself, he also has professionals he can call upon to provide you with a comprehensive landscape plan. 

4. Are your worker’s employees or subcontractors? 

Tony subcontracts with the workers he will use on your project, this helps him to control overhead and your costs. 

5. Will you provide me with a written list of client references I can call? 


6. Do you have a written scope of work/product installation methods for each trade? 

Yes, you will receive a written scope of work as part of your contract. Tony has also written “Quality Standards” that he uses with his trades. 

7. What professional associations do you belong to? 

Currently, Tony is a member of the Building Industry Association of Louisville and the National Homebuilders Association. He is seeking membership with Master Pools Guide and the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance. 

8. Where do you bank, and who is your contact person? 

Happily provided upon request. You need to know that your builder is financially strong and in good standing with the bank used for borrowing and paying operating expenses. 

9. Where do you purchase your pool shells and equipment, and who is your contact person? 

Tony believes Imagine Pools has a great product with a fantastic (lifetime!) warranty. You can read it here. He obtains them through Superior Pools, and his contact at Superior Pools is Korey Milliner: Korey can be reached at (502) 423-7743. 

10. Do you use the same trade subcontractors consistently or receive bids for the lowest price? 

Tony does not bid for the lowest price, that is not the way to build a pool with confidence. Tony primarily uses tried and true contractors. Occasionally he will send out bids just to ensure the prices he is paying are reasonable and in tune with the market. 

11. Will you provide a written timetable for project construction? 

Yes. You receive login information so you can see all your pool specifications, budget, and timeline from our website. 

12. Who will be my contact? How will they contact me? 

For the most part, Tony will be your contact. He often communicates with his clients, face to face, when he is at their property. Outside of that, Tony texts and speaks over the phone with his clients, as often as necessary. We do ask that clients understand Tony does not make it his policy to answer every call or text the moment it comes in. When he is working at a job site, he felt he owes it to his client to pay attention, focus, and really be in tune with what is going on. When Tony is driving, he tries to keep the use of his phone to a minimum, as he feels he owes it to his family to come home at the end of the day, safe and sound. So, while he probably won’t answer you immediately, you will get to talk with him. 

13. Can I receive a written copy of my warranty? 

Yes, upon completion and final payment, you receive a bind that has all of your warranties, care, and maintenance information in one, handle to access location. 

14. Will you have a comprehensive plan for handling rainwater runoff for my project? 

Yes. 100% yes! Rainwater should always be managed to run away from your pool and not be allowed to stand behind the walls of the shell. 

15. How will my new pool be cleaned upon completion? 

Yes! Your pool installation will be turnkey. When we leave, it will be ready for your use and enjoyment. 

16. How many pools have you built similar to mine? 

This is dependent on the project scope of work. 

17. On average, how much do your customers deviate from your allowances? 

That depends on the client. Some have a strict budget to work within, and those come in at the contract price. Others make changes and adonis along the way and run over budget. 

18. What is your change order policy? 

Our change order policy is that you pay for the change order when we agree on the price and how the ruling will affect your timeline. We like this approach because it helps our clients manage how much they are spending on this project rather than receiving a surprise bill at the end. This is more work for us during the project, but it makes for more informed, happier clients! 

19. What happens if you miss the agreed-upon closing date? 

Pool building is entirely dependent upon the weather. While we build pools all year round (I put in 3 in January!), there are entire months (February!) where we cannot work. Those days do not count against the number of working days laid out in your contract. 

20. Why should I choose your company? 

Several reasons: Tony is very professional. He enjoys an excellent reputation with his previous clients, local building inspectors, and colleagues. Tony has over 20 years’ experience in the building industry and a lifetime of problem-solving expertise. He cares a great deal about his clients and their projects. 


For more information as to why Tony is so good at what he does, check out the blog post The 6 C’s of Sanctuary

I hope you have found this information super helpful and insightful, and you use these 20 questions to ask your pool builder. 


So, if you live in or around Prospect, KY, and you want to install a fiberglass swimming pool, Tony would be delighted to speak with you and visit your site. The best way to contact him is by clicking the bright yellow “Contact Us” button at

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