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We Can Now Install a Gunite Swimming Pool for You!

March 6, 2020

 I am very excited to announce Sanctuary Pools is now going to install gunite swimming pools and addition to our already successful fiberglass pool offerings.  So whether you are a discerning pool owner who prefers the prestige of gunite over fiberglass, or you desire a shape or design that can’t be found with fiberglass, Sanctuary Pools is here for you! 

Thank you!

2019 was a fantastic year at Sanctuary Pools! I sincerely thank our great clients for their faith and confidence! Every new pool we set (8 of them!) helped me learn so much. I’ve been building and remodeling homes for nearly twenty years, so building pools was a natural fit for my talents. However, there are job sites we have visited over the last year, where there was absolutely no way that we could get the equipment necessary to install a fiberglass pool close enough to the desired location.   Further, we’ve met homeowners who wanted a custom design not offered in fiberglass. With the addition of gunite, we can now serve these needs.

Why Install a Gunite Swimming Pool?

There are two big reasons I see to offer gunite to our clients. First, gunite is built with a metal rebar framework that can be shaped in any way imaginable. Gunite can also be installed in locations where fiberglass pools can’t because it doesn’t require the use of a crane. 

Budgetary pricing for a gunite pool starts around $75,000 (including the basics: equipment and deck) for 14’x20′ pool.  More about fiberglass pool pricing here.   The gunite pool installation process is between 5-6 months. Comparatively, a fiberglass pool starts around $50,000 with the basic equipment and deck.  A fiberglass pool installation is between 2-3 months.  

A lot of folks are choosing to make their backyard the center of their home in 2020.  You can do this too by adding a new pool, pool house, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and more. It is a significant investment, and one you should not trust to just anyone.   

I take pride in the projects I have completed to date. My clients are happy with the product AND service they have received from myself and my Sanctuary Pools team using my personal Proprietary Building Process. I’m looking forward to serving new clients and meeting new families in 2020. Now thanks to this latest offering to our family of pools, I’m happy to be able to say, with confidence, we can accommodate your pool needs- no matter your situation!

If you live in and around Prospect, KY, and you want to install a gunite swimming pool  – or a fiberglass swimming pool – I would be delighted to speak with you and visit your site. The best way to contact me is by clicking the bright yellow “Contact Us” button at

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