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Pool Equipment: How to Choose

February 16, 2020

Today I’m sharing some insights to pool equipment.  I’m encouraging you to think more about how you can educate yourself on the pool equipment that will be best for your pool experience. The equipment that runs your pool is critical to the maintenance and enjoyment you get from your pool.  So let’s get you started on some ideas that will have you feeling confident about your choice in pool equipment, shall we?!

First, I want to make sure you understand pool equipment refers to:

  1. the pump that circulates the water
  2. the filter
  3. the heater (optional)
  4. the salt chlorine generator (if you choose a salt pool).
  5. the cleaner (if you opt for automation)


Second, I would caution against walking blindly into the purchase contract of your new pool. Know what you are getting and how it stacks up. Just like when you are car shopping, you know you either want a Mercedes or a Kia. Same with Your pool equipment.

The only two brands I use at Sanctuary Pools are Hayward and Pentair. Pentair is most often my go-to because there is a regional rep right here in Louisville. He is helpful and knowledgeable, and that tips the balance for me at this point.

When you get a bid for a new pool, make sure your contractor of choice has, in writing, specified what brand and model of equipment is included in the price.

And, just like the brand of car, there are different types of equipment. Don’t unknowingly sign up for the equivalent of a 4 cylinder when you are expecting a V8. There are options when it comes to pool pumps (variable speed/single speed), filtering systems (sand, glass media, and cartridge), heaters, and salt chlorinator (salt is converted to chlorine).  You may even wish to install a pool that uses chlorine but creates the feel of a salt pool with mineral.

I’m not saying you should understand all of these components intimately. Still, you should know enough that you feel confident in your chosen pool installer. Reading online reviews for the model numbers of equipment specified by your pool builder could save you headaches and disappointment down the road.

In review, the two best things you can do for yourself is:

require your pool builder to specify in writing the brand and model number for each piece of pool equipment and spend time reading online reviews and researching. 

If you live in or around Prospect, KY and you want an in-ground swimming pool, fiberglass or gunite, contact me. I would be delighted to speak with you and evaluate your site. The best way to contact me is by clicking the bright yellow “Contact Us” button on my website.



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