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Fiberglass Pools – Why I Like Them

June 19, 2019

I’ve been asked by several people why I like fiberglass pools so much. In this blog post, I’m going to explain the three types of in-ground pools and the pros and cons of each. In 2020 Sanctuary Pools is going to be building both concrete (Gunite) and fiberglass pools.

There are three types of in-ground pool installations: vinyl liner, concrete, and fiberglass. Each pool type has its strong points, but I feel fiberglass pool installations offer our clients the best product for the best price. In fact, I will be replacing the liner pool in my own backyard with a fiberglass pool as soon as I get time.

Vinyl Liner Pool

This pool has a lower initial price point than any other pool. They are attractive and can be customized to accommodate almost any design idea you can come up with. The problem with the liner pool is replacing the huge and expensive vinyl liner on the regular and putting the old one in a landfill. Liners are subject to fading, thus giving you less than the desired appearance in your backyard. These liners are also subject to damage as well. The pools take several months to install. There is also concern with some of the wall panels being susceptible to damage if you are in the market for a salt pool.

The Concrete (Gunite) Pool

This is a pool for large budgets. This type of pool, if installed correctly, offers long life with unlimited design potential. While providing long life, there are also pitfalls to the use of the pool and maintenance of the surface that could lead to costly repairs. Honestly, this type of pool is just out of most people’s price point. These pools also take quite a long time to install correctly. A concrete pool can take the majority of a year to complete. Most people don’t want that eyesore in their backyard for the year and miss the pool season entirely. The cost and time to maintain this type of pool are higher. This is due to the surface of the pool being the ideal host for algae growth. It is a rougher surface, making cleaning difficult but also porous enough to allow the algae to grow.

The Fiberglass Pool

The price point on fiberglass pools is somewhere between the liner pool and the concrete pool. However, there are so many more benefits found with a fiberglass pool installation. Speed of installation, for instance. Getting a fiberglass pool installed and ready to use is in weeks, not months. This quick installation time, compared to the others, allows you to get to using and enjoying your backyard sanctuary. If your pool is installed correctly with proper drainage techniques used, you can expect to enjoy your new pool for years. Without the upkeep and maintenance issues of the other pool types.

Fiberglass pools allow you actually to enjoy the pool rather than work on its appearance. The surface of the fiberglass does not enable the algae to get started. That means you won’t be scrubbing the sides of your pool, Also, if algae can’t get started growing on the walls of the pool, your chemical cost is going to be much lower. This is a better-designed product than what was available to homeowners in the past.

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